The story

Hello! I’m Nomad, born in the hot summer of 2015 with a simple cause - clench your thirst. Ever since I’m roaming the streets of Skopje each day of the week brewing coffee, making delicious smoothies and putting smiles on people’s faces. I’m the first of my kind in this area, a bar on wheels that rolls on electricity. All my ingredients are handpicked and depend on the season, this way you always get the best tasting drinks possible. So, curious enough to meet? Check out the map, it’s always there to track me down and say hello.


On the menu

I got couple of ways to fulfill your caffeine and vitamin needs. What is yours?


For all of you out there who think that drinking coffee is a ritual on its own, I serve the king of coffee - Lavazza. Trained in making coffee at the Lavazza academy, I can make you a killer espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, cold nescafe, freddo capuccino, you name it, the list can go on. Drop by and try for yourself, tell us what you think and I’ll continue exploring and improving until perfection is met. Because that’s how i roll.


Freshly squeezed juice & Smoothie

For all your vitamin needs, I got a variety of smoothies that will satisfy all your deficiencies. All the fruits used are freshly squeezed and prepared at your arrival.


To warm you up

In the winter I can make you a tea, all natural and tasty. If you’re with a sweet tooth, sometimes I got some hot chocolate as well.

About me

Living as a nomad isn’t easy, I’m heavily dependent on nature and my surrounding to continue my path. This is why I respect the environment and run 100% on electricity. This means no pollution, yay! I encourage everyone to jump on the environmental bandwagon, if we respect nature and take care of it now, it will take care of us in the long run.


My secret

Have you ever wondered why your coffee or smoothie at home just never tastes like the one I make? Well, it’s simple. First you need amazing ingredients, well balanced beans, right size grind, perfectly ripe fruit and so on. Second come the tools, which is why I use a coffee machine and juicer of the highest standard. And last, you need lots of love. If you don’t love what you’re doing, it’ll never taste right.

Get in touch

Lucky I got wheels so there is no location I can’t reach. Often i go to concerts, the park, hospitals, literally wherever I’m needed. Check out the map for my current whereabout, or go to my facebook page to see baby pictures. You can also get in touch over email at or you can call me at 078 344 906.

Book me for an event

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